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Helps to cure insomnia "ZzzSPINS" Sesame Plus GABA Dietary supplements Product. Buy 2 get 2 free.

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ZzzSPINS "Happy with all activities of life"

What is ZzzSPINS ?:

ZzzSPINS is a natural raw material extract that uses Biotech technology to increase the absorption efficiency of both concentrated sesame and Gaba extract from Lactobacillus. Including important herbs such as Turmeric, L-Glutamin and Collagen UC-II help people who have problems with insomnia because ZzzSPINS has important components such as GABA extracts from microbes and Cactobacillus K3 and L-Glutamin from Japanese medical research reports that have been tested in humans have found that it helps to improve brainwaves to improve quality of sleep (deep sleep), increase muscle mass, reduce stress, reduce anxiety. Including reducing the risk of dementia conditions


And Sesame extract from Sesame, turmeric extract, and Collagen UC-II that treat inflammation. Stimulate the production of cartilage under the joints. Reduce osteoarthritis


The raw material of ZzzSPINS uses Black Sesame which contains sesame substances up to 3.5 mg imported from Germany. Which contains sesame (Important substances that help reduce degenerative degeneration) than Sesame in oil up to 362 times (equivalent to 500 mg of oil).

How is ZzzSPINS good ?:

1) There is a high level of sesame; Sesame oil is a good source of natural sesame, 0.93-2.93 mg / 100 grams of oil or an average of 1.93 mg / 100 grams of water (0.00965 mg / 500 mg of oil capsule),
equivalent to 362. Equal to general sesame oil.
2) Well absorbed; From Biotech technology helps increase the efficiency of the extract up to 10 times higher than usual.
3) Stimulate the production of cartilage in the joints. Reducing osteoarthritis conditions; Sesame substances will stimulate the production of cartilage in the joints. Reducing osteoarthritis,
turmeric and Collagen UC-II, which helps to reduce inflammation. And osteoarthritis due to wear and tear.
4) Reduce rheumatoid arthritis; Sesame and Sesamein substances Including turmeric Has the effect of reducing inflammation. Causing the pain in the joints to be reduced.
5) Stimulate bone formation; Sesame has the ability to stimulate osteoblasts. The important function of this cell is to pull the calcium that has been collected to the bone.
6) GABA extracts extracted from Lactobacillus microorganisms From a Japanese medical research report that has human tests found that

           a. Helps to adjust brain waves to improve quality of sleep (deep sleep). If eaten and go to sleep in 30 minutes, it will improve sleep quality 2-3 and reduce the symptoms of waking up.

           b. Adjust the strength of muscle mass when eaten with whey protein. Compared to eating just whey protein Muscles will develop more than 7 times

           c. reduce stress, reduce anxiety

           d. Increase concentration, study, and work exam by 20-30%

7) Take only one capsule 1-2 times before going to bed compared to taking other food supplements. Must be eaten 2-4 times a day, but for ZzzSPINS is designed to be a bed-time supplement for bedtime.


Who is ZzzSPINS suitable for ?:

Target group 4, ZzzSPINS group
1) Group with problems with deep sleep, secretly getting up all night, feeling uncomfortable after sleeping each day with stress, anxiety which is found in the age of 40 years and up
2) Groups That has problems with the strength of the small muscles This is a group of menopause or older than 60 years, because after the menstruation in women. And knee degeneration in men. Getting regular ZzzSPINS will help Maintain muscle mass. And restoring the firmness of muscle mass in the body.
3) The group that has problems with the knee and synovial The majority are elderly people after menopause (older than 60 years) that have frequent knee pain. Including people with osteoarthritis Walking or moving. In this case, ZzzSPINS helps to support the treatment. (Therapeutics)
4) Medical reports indicate that osteoarthritis begins at the age of 22. Taking ZzzSPINS will help prevent And slow down the wear Or deterioration of the knee well

How do ZzzSPINS eat?:

The right amount and time to take ZzzSPINS is 1-2 capsules before going to bed 20-30 minutes.
1) People with health problems take 1-2 capsules.

            a. body weight less than 60 kilograms, 1 capsule should be taken

            b. Body weight greater than 60 kilograms, should take 2 capsules

2) Groups that need to take care to prevent health problems 1 capsule


How long will ZzzSPINS eat?

For those who have pain Symptoms will be noticeably improved depending on the individual. In most cases, the result is 3-7 days.
Frequently Asked Questions with ZzzSPINS (FAQs)
1. What are the main benefits of ZzzSPINS?
The goal of ZzzSPINS is to help people who have problems with insomnia. And there is a problem of low muscle mass because ZzzSPINS has important components such as
         1.1 GABA extracts extracted from Lactobacillus microorganisms. According to a Japanese medical research report that has been tested in humans, it helps to improve brain waves, improve sleep quality (deep sleep), adjust the strength of muscle mass, reduce stress, reduce anxiety.
         1.2 Sesame substances. , Turmeric, L-Glutamin and Collagen UC-II that treat inflammation. Stimulate the production of water and restore the joints and knees.
2. Eat ZzzSPINS and what side effects?
No side effects reports have been found. But the following symptoms may occur:
         1) dizziness Or may feel more knee pain This is a normal condition that can occur because it is during the body's adaptation and detoxification. Which lasted about 1 week, after which the said symptoms will improve.
         2) A red rash appears and itching Swelling of the eyelids or lips Which is an allergy to sesame seeds If allergic, stop eating immediately.
         3) Diarrhea, because Sesame has a mild laxative effect. If you have diarrhea, stop eating first. And assess whether the cause is from sesame or other causes Before returning to eat.
3. Eat and wake up still sleepy, is considered a side effect or not?
Drowsiness is a normal condition that can occur with some consumers. Which is considered as the period of adjustment and rehabilitation Therefore, lethargy is not considered a dangerous side effect.

4. Eat ZzzSPINS and will the bones be bulging?
Bone bulging Caused by limestone islands along the joint and tendon From medical reports that have been studied in humans, no side effects have been reported to cause bulging bones in any way.
5. If taking calcium supplements already Is it necessary to eat ZzzSPINS too?
ZzzSPINS has the advantage that it contains sesame which treat inflammation. Stimulate the production of water and restore the joints and knees.
Gaba extract helps to improve brain waves, quality sleep (deep sleep), strength of muscle mass, reduce stress, reduce anxiety.

Therefore, eating ZzzSPINS together with calcium supplements can be done and is good. Because normally the body can absorb only 10-40% of the extra calcium and not more than the daily amount needed by the body.
6. If taking other medications such as diabetes drugs, can pressure medication be taken on ZzzSPINS?
According to medical studies conducted in humans, the effects have not been reported. Suggestion Taking ZzzSPINS 20-30 minutes before going to bed
7. What kind of diseases should not be eaten?
ZzzSPINS ? ZzzSPINS is 100% natural, considered safe and has low side effects. very It also helps to promote the treatment of many diseases such as kidney disease, thyroid, insomnia, insomnia, small muscle weakness in the elderly and so on. Can eat ZzzSPINS, but if not confident Should consult a doctor before eating.
8. Why is the side of the box eat only 1 capsule a day, which is different from the recommended?
The label on the side of the box complies with the FDA regulation. The recommended dosage is based on the symptoms tracking and medical research studies. Assessed from pain Body weight and age range, physical condition and amount of sesame and gaba needs

9. Why does the side of the box say that it does not affect the treatment of the disease, but on the page or brochure communicate that there is?
The label on the side of the box is in accordance with the act controlled by the FDA. Other communication channels Derived from medical research data, testing, academic data used in the assembly Which the properties of Sesame and
Gaba help to promote treatment in some diseases well. 10. How long do you need to eat ZzzSPINS to be effective?
Usually, eating ZzzSPINS as recommended is to eat 20-30 minutes before going to bed 1-2 capsules a day will see results. The symptoms improved until they felt within 3-7 days of collecting data from the past. But depending on the symptoms and intake of ZzzSPINS as well.
          11. ZzzSPINS capsules contain sesame And how much is
          GABA . ZzzSPINS contains natural extracts. With Biotech technology to maintain the value of nutrients And the medication that affects the treatment
          ZzzSPINS contains 35 mg of Sesame 3.5 mg (Sesame 3.5 mg) / capsules
and 40 mg / capsules of extract of Gaba
          12. People without symptoms But we recommend eating ZzzSPINS for protection or for strengthening bones. How do I know if I have seen results?

Changes that can be observed Is the sound in the joints or knees caused by walking or movement The symptoms will improve within 2-3 weeks and may feel Active from the change in physical condition. But if there is a degeneration test of the knee Before and after eating will see more clearly
The symptoms that can be observed are the quality of sleep that will sleep more longer, not sleepy or tired after waking up each day. Improved concentration on activities.
13. Will eating ZzzSPINS for a long time be dangerous?
From past studies No harm from real users who have eaten sesame. And Gaba for a long time And should continue eating ZzzSPINS for good results for the body.
14. If the person who underwent knee replacement surgery And still works well Is it necessary to eat ZzzSPINS?
Sesame substances in ZzzSPINS help reduce inflammation and help restore Therefore, those who underwent knee replacement surgery. Can be eaten to help promote healing after surgery And stimulate the work of the knee well

15. For people who walk or exercise and have a sound of a tap on their knees or ZzzSPINS, will it work?
The sound of the gag that is occurring Caused by decreased supply of synovial fluid Or osteoarthritis of the knee Causing the bones to friction with one another And will affect the degeneration of the joints or knees, which ZzzSPINS contains sesame stimulates the production of cartilage Add synovial fluid And bone maintenance This will help the symptoms to gradually improve, especially in people who do not
exercise and those who exercise heavily. 16. Why is it advisable to eat ZzzSPINS on an empty stomach?
The absorption of ZzzSPINS sesame and Gaba is best applied on an empty stomach.
And eating before bed will help improve sleep quality It also helps to adjust brain waves to concentrate more.

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