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Wampee extract Liquid Soap + Wampee extract Shampoo + Wampee extract Body Lotion

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The herbal cosmetic is the creation of a new-gen entrepreneur who wants to develop her hometown. Wampee fruit (Clausena Iansium) is a famous local fruit of Nan. It is sun dried, preserved as jam, or squeezed for juice.  Now, its value is added with commercial innovation as being transformed into liquid soap, moisturizer, shampoo and conditioner. Kwan Thara is the first cosmetic producer that applied extract wampee in the products. According to research, Wampee contains high Vitamin C, antiseptic property, antioxidant, and anti aging property. The product development get support by Mae Jo University of Chiang Mai. : Nan Province.
Kwan Tara
Liquid Soap : Weight : 300 ml
Shampoo : Weight : 250 ml
Body Lotion : Weight : 250 ml

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