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Thong Noon glass set with lid and saucer with Purple Hang Hong pattern

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Lend your hand to conserve quality Benjarong or Thai traditional ceramic ware with Mr.Rung Munnae, a veteran Benjarong maker who has over 30-year experience in this field. The set of coffee mug and glass with lids are wonderfully carved out to show off Buriram's identity. The province is well known as the town of two castles from two eras, namely Phnom Rung Khmer Ruins and Thunder Castle Football Team. The brown color which represents ancient bricks, elegant blue of the football team, and purple can go well with the gold-color outline. The curve-out gold outline or “Thong Noon” makes the Benjarong set glossy. The Benjarong mug set contains the old charm of an ancient city as well as modernity. Pikul and Hang Hong patterns artfully reflect the Thai character. This combination makes it a high-value gift set for every occasion.: Buriram
Glass : Size : H 15.5 cm x 8 cm Diam.
Saucer : Size : W 10 cm x L 10 cm
Weight : 680 g (1 pc.)

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