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Teen Jok tube skirt with heaven bird pattern and lotus (Preorder)

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The 5-star Otop product mirrors a local intellectual heritage. Nam Ang people get such weaving skill from their Lanna ancestors who migrated from Chiang Saen of Chiang Rai. The Teen Jok tube skirt in traditional patterns of Ban Nam Ang makes a debut as an excellent handicraft. The fabric is handmade in every process, from natural dyeing, weaving to the delicate hand embroidery by using porcupine quills. Mostly in yellow and green, their traditional Teen Jok patterns include heaven bird, naga, and eight hooks for example. The shawl is another popular item here. The cute shawl is handwoven in the traditional pattern, depicting merchants on horses and elephants. The picture explains how Nam Ang dwellers deal with the others. All patterns are quite impressive. : Uttaradit Province.
Size : W 88 cm x L 115 cm
Weight : 450 g

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