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Silk tube skirt with traditional Khid pattern of Thepphanom

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Situated on the bank of Mekong River, Nakhon Phanom is rich in history and culture, particularly its handwoven textile of which weaving technic has been handed down through generations. Kannikar Thai Silk is an old shop established by Phannee Sirikamol, who gathered veteran weavers of local textile in Na Wha District and revived the silk weaving. The shop gradually gained the reputation and eventually awarded by the royal symbol of “Peacock” which proofs the quality. The silk strings gathering is made by hand, their soft thread makes textile light and soft. The textile is beautified by the natural dyeing process. Khid silk here is outstanding with traditional patterns, such as Noppakao, Ratchawat, and Thepphanom. The high-value delicate silk characterizes the best of Nakhon Phanom.: Nakhon Phanom Province.
Size : W 100 cm x L 110 cm
Weight : 212 g

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