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Shawl with Three-colored turbine pattern (Preorder)

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Indigo dyed cotton fabric is a heritage that Phu Thai ethnic group hands down through their descendants. Fine cotton blossoms are transformed into strings, undergo the indigo dyeing process, and finally are delicately woven. Local weavers group up to inherit such technique and develop new products. Today, they offer tempting fabric, ranging from shawl, scarf, to table sheet. Indigo dyed Mud-Mee cotton fabric is among the best products here. The fabric is beautified with natural patterns such as cotton blossom pattern, Khet Daen Mekong pattern, Mekong wave pattern, and three-colored turbine pattern. With an excellent finish and soft touch, the indigo-dyed apparel shines out the spirit of Mukdahan. : Mukdahan
Size : W 80 cm x L 200 cm
Weight : 310 g

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