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Shawl with Phan Tawai Dokmai pattern

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Moon Mung is an Isan word that means heritage. “Moon Mung Thai Fabric” is an Isan heritage of fabric of which wisdom and skill has been handed down through generations. The legacy has been topped up with modernization and development, in both design and colors. Moon Mung Thai Fabric is special with the perfect blending between silk and cotton threads for better comfort and ventilation, natural dyes in modest shades, and patterns that blanket the whole sheet of fabric. There is a wide selection of patterns to choose from, both traditional patterns such as Phan Tawai Dokmai, Khan Krajub, Dok Bua, as well as various modernized patterns. From basic hand-woven fabric to shawl and apparel, Moon Mung clothing can be used in daily life. : Nong Bua Lamphu
Size : W 60 cm x L 200 cm
Weight : 460 g

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