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Shawl with Coiled Shell Pattern

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Size : W 110 cm. x H 180 cm.  Weight : 253 g.    Avika “Morhom” natural blue dyed cloth is a renowned product from Phrae Province. “Avika” has developed the traditional “Morhom” shirt into various contemporary products that appeal to consumers who appreciate Morhom cloth in fashionable styles, such as work dresses, casual clothes, shawls, etc. We hand-weave cotton threads and then hand-dye the cloth using local techniques passed down through many generations. We have also developed various techniques to improve product quality, for example, a technique to prevent loss of colour. We have also created a technique of candle painting to create patterns on the cloth and a technique known as “Morhom painting” which helps enhance the appearance of the Morhom cloth. We also sew colourful thread into the Morhom cloth, or decorate the cloth with various hill tribes’ needle work, all of which help to beautify the products further. : Phrae Province
Size : W 110 x L 180 cm
Weight : 253 g

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