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Set of brass necklace + bracelet with big Med Mayom Beads

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Khewa Sinarin District of Surin province is a famous village-based cultural attraction. Besides its luxurious silk fabric and silver ornament, the district is a significant manufacturing hub of brass ornaments. The skill of making brass work has been handed down through generations. Suwan Brass Ornaments has high expertise in making traditional brass work. The shop offers a great selection of brass products such as different sets of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Suwan Brass’s design is special with “Med Mafuang”, brass balls in round, oval and square shape. In the beadwork, the brass ball wonderfully compliments the products, making them simply luxurious, unique and precious. Brass work from Khewa Sinarin is a perfect ornament or a great gift. : Surin
Necklace : Size : Length of chain : 60 cm x 20 cm Diam.
Weight : 64 g
Bracelet : Size : Length of chain : 23 cm x 8 cm Diam.
Weight : 24 g

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