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Scarf, Joint Plantation Pattern

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Baan Sankong Hand Woven Cloth   Hand woven cloth of local northern communities in Thailand is well known among those who love handmade products. Formerly, embroidery was one of hobbies of senior people in the villages which are mainly for decoration and home use. Such local wisdom has been sustained for next generations and Baan Sankong hand woven community has created career in 2000 by adapting that technique to create value. Various products are created for daily use of new generations such as laptop or tablet bag, hobo bag, scarf, animal key chain, etc. These products promote employment and generate significant revenue for Baan Sankong community. Apart from local and tribal patterns, modern patterns are also designed for attractiveness: Chiang Rai Province.

Size : W 50 cm x L 180 cm
Weight : 306 g

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