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Pa Yeap in Traditional pattern

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With a long experience with Isan textile and love in local fabric, “Mrs.Ubonkarn Hotarawaisaya” has a strong inspiration to make Ubon Ratchathani’s local fabric a debut and raises the revenue of. Such a dream pushes her to set up the "Ton Tiean Thai Silk" shop which offers traditional mud-mee silk and the famous Kab Bua fabric. Kab Bua fabric is a well-known item of Ubon Ratchathani and it is now quite popular in Thai fashion. Patterns, such as tales Thai traditional novels, or flower, are delicately drawn on Kab Bua Silk products such as traditional tube skirt and modern apparel. With contemporary designs, the apparel can go well with daily fashion. : Ubon Ratchathani Province
Size : W 95 cm x L 110 cm
Weight : 200 g

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