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Natural Dyed Shawl with Nak Jok Ti pattern (Preorder)

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With knowledge about the precious fabric of Lao Krang that migrated from Vientiane centuries ago, the descendants in the community of Ban Chao Wat, Uthai Thani province, set up a weaving group. All process is done by hand, from weaving, dyeing, to sewing. Lao Krang has a famous lac dyed fabric and the group keeps on such traditional procedures. The dyeing process develops more techniques and utilizes local materials such as flowers, leaves, and bark for color variety. The naturally dyed threads will be woven to form traditional patterns such as Ma Khua Pa Pong, Phya Naga and some other patterns inspired by lifestyle, tradition and local animals. Such tales appear in the hand-woven products ranging from cotton tube skirt with a decorative edge, silk and cotton tube skirt, shawl, handbag, and bag. All are precious handmade items worthwhile your procession. : Uthai Thani
Size : W 60 cm x L 190 cm
Weight : 300 g

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