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Mud cloth Scarf with Saifon pattern

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Buengkan province is the home to rubber farmers. When the rubber price goes down, farmers struggle to make ends meet. Some 5 years ago, farmers' housewives have grouped up on behalf of "Sri Vichai Local Textile Group (Bai Thong Cotton Textile - Mae Thaem Srivichai). Led by Thaem Imsub, the group produces handwoven cotton thread which is beautified by natural dyes from different materials such as tamarind, jackfruit, golden flower's seedpod, and noni's leaf. The thread is then woven in a unique pattern such as gold bag, Charoonrat, 3D and Saifon. The fabric is fermented in clay for a softer touch and long-lasting dye. Eventually, they are finally transformed into utensils including scarf, tube skirt, and neat garments. : Buengkan Province.
Size : W 45 cm x L 200 cm
Weight : 230 g

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