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Lotus coffee set, Wuthichai color (4 cups)

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Sa paper is local paper of north region which features fascinating plant fiber on plain and curved surface, with plain and rough lines. Smoothness and color of Sa paper portray natural beauty that create touch of appreciation. However, Sa paper is not highly priced so “Sa Paper Company Limited” has designed it by applying local materials to add value as gift and souvenir for special occasions such as wedding ceremony, ordination, as well as ceramic set which include coffee set, cup, casserole, soup bowl, etc. These products are attractive, useful, and feature local wisdom: Lampang Province.


Coffee Cup       Size : H 6 cm x 9 cm  Diam.

Saucer              Size : H 2.5 cm x 14.5 cm  Diam.

                         Weight : 2,000 g

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