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Hand-Woven Sa paper notebook

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The factory owner Mrs.Tassanee Wutcharoen adds value to her natural mulberry paper made from. She pushes her “Sa Paper”, the traditional paper originated from Xishuangbanna of China to an innovative product. The handwoven sa paper has properties very close to the cloth fabric. It is good for making utensils such as stationary, notebook, and note pads. The sa paper covers are unique with Lanna design and vivid colors, moreover, the notebook and note pads inside can be refilled. For those who are fond of hand-woven cloth bags, the set of the big and small bag, as well as the Chiang Mai indigo handbag, can make them delighted. All bag is made of hand-woven sa paper and adorned with earth-tone colors. It is roomy and easy to wash, both by hand and machine, making users stay close to nature.: Chiang Mai
Size : W 14 cm x L 19 cm
Weight : 290 g

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