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Fabric with Look Kaeo Prik Thai pattern (Tor Prabol) (Preorder)

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“Hol Fabric” Is a Mud-Mee silk fabric of which patterns are created through the tie-dye process. The wonderful fabric can be found among communities of Cambodian descendants in the southern part of Isan region, particularly at "Ban Ping Puay" of Sisaket Province. The local weavers wonderfully conserve the unique traditional procedure and pass it to the next generation. The Hol Fabric made here is special by "Pak Saew" or silk embroidery in traditional and modern patterns such as Ka Mod Daeng, Takab, Dok Pikul, Dao Krajai. It is a real delicate handicraft of Sisaket. : Sisaket
Size : W 95 cm x L 110 cm
Weight : 250 g

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