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Coat with Kun Kor Nak pattern

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"Puan Collection" is a fashion hub of indigo-dyed apparel. Its indigo dyeing is the technique inherited from Thai Puan ancestors who relocated from Puan, in Laos, over two centuries ago. Puan Collection is a brainchild of “Mr.Metharat Khampiman”, a man who wishes to develop his family business of Thai Puan apparel. Besides conserving Thai Puan weaving patterns, his designs blend in the patterns of Ban Chiang ancient terra cotta. When traditional patterns meet modern fashion, the formal and casual collections turn vibrant and outstanding. With decorative items made from Thai fabric, fashionable apparel is good for daily usage. : Udon Thani.
Size : Shoulder 90 cm x Chest 65 cm x Length 120 cm
Weight : 340 g

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