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Blue clutch bag

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When Mrs.Juthathip Rongphol, Nakhon Si Thammarat descendant, settled down in Phuket, she brought along the skill in weaving Krajood (sedge) bag. She manages to blend two materials, high-quality sedges and the tie-dyed Sano-Tic fabric and transform them into the beautiful woven bag. Inspired by the wavy pattern and overlapping colors of the tin vein, the fabric is special with unique patterns and gets a patent granted by the Phuket Community Development Office. Mongkol Thip Souvenir offers a chic clutch bag and big mouth handbag which is roomy and endurable. With vivid colors and excellent designs, these bags remind you of the azure sky and the Andaman Sea. : Phuket
Size : W 25.5 cm x H 20 cm
Weight : 155 g

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