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Batik with carp pattern

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Batik is a famous product of the south. Each batik makers differentiate their products with unique characters. "Ranong Batik" is an outstanding Batik maker and distributor. The group carves out the products by using local raw materials. White Kaolin clay is used as a resist, instead of using melted wax which requires heat. The new process is more environmental friendly. The Kaolin clay is also mixed with natural dyes such as coffee bean, mangrove, mangosteen shell, turmeric, and indigo. The clay makes the lines sharper and the fabric gets brighter colors. A great variety of products, from fabric, scarf, to shawl, is available All pieces are light, soft and adorable, making them great gifts. : Ranong Province.
Size : W 60 cm x L 170 cm
Weight : 106 g

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