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Body Lotion+Hand Cream

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Kwan Tara Body Lotion+Hand Cream
Great for Hand & Body - Very gentle and natural.High content of nutrients and vitamins for the skin.Enjoy this moisturizer and nourich naturally by gently applying to your skin, hands and nails. With its pure and natural, Kwan Tara hydrates and nourish the skin, hands and nails, and replenishes moisture, smoothness, and softness to the skin, strengthens the nails, and helps to reduce premature aging and clarity.  Perfect for daily use. Allergy free. Light & easy absorb.Hand and Nourishing Hand & Nail Cream from Kwan Tara is perfect for skin care. It also offers a gift set for health and beauty special guests.Hand cream and nail contains 100 mg. packed in a convenient tube. Body lotion contains 250 mg. packed in a pump bottle, easy to use.Available in a set of 2 at 470 baht

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