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Hand Cream (4 piece)

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Kwan Tara Hand Cream ( Pack 4 tubes)

This hand cream is made from Burmese Grape, a unique fruit described as the finest fruit of Thailand, popular in Nan. Gently apply to the skin, hands and nails after washing, not irritating to the skin. Made from the finest and unique fruit of NAN called Wampee or Burmese Grape. Because of its nutrient has been used as natural moisturizer and anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory properties.   A light, easily absorbed cream that helps skin, hands and nails to stay healthy. Fill the skin with a soft, soft touch to the skin.Strengthens the nails. It also helps to slow down premature aging and brighten the skin. Nan.Suitable for skin care, hands and nails. It is a gift set for those who love health and beauty in special occasions.Hand and Nail Cream from Burmese Grape Extract. One tube contains 100 milligrams.One set contains 4 tubes at 860 baht.

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