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Body Lotion ( 2 piece )

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Kwan Tara Body Lotion ( Pack 2 Bottles )

Enriched with a high concentration of Burmese Grape, the unique fruit of Nan province. Rich in vitamin C and has been researched as useful in the field of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant. Help slow oxidation. It helps slow down the aging process. Kuan Thara has been the first and most widely recognized natural ingredients in Asia to develop the natural benefits of Burmese Grape . Formulated by the Institute of Quality Assurance and Product Standards of Maejo University (IQS) in cooperation with the Center for Industry Promotion I Kara Tara Body lotion is made from Burmese Grap. Apply to the skin gently. irritate the skin. Made from natural raw materials. It also helps to nourish the skin. Fill the skin with a soft, bright color. Prevent premature aging and brighten your skin. Our unique signature from Nan are packed in a round pump bottle, easy to use.
It is a gift set for those who love health and beauty on special occasions.This Burmese Grape extracts bottle contains 250 ml.
One set contains 2 bottles at 460 Baht.Make your skin look longer, more worthwhile.

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