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Candle Wax-Painted Shawl, Elephant Pattern

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Candle-painted Mauhom Cloth   Mauhom cloth is the local wisdom of Phrae Province well established for a long time, portraying Lanna tradition. Indigo cloth has been designed by using candle painting technique created by “Candle-painting Mauhom Community”. This is the unique and attractive pattern that designer conveys beauty through golden teak block. This local wood of Phrae is crafted in many designs that demonstrate imagination of designer, such as northern ornamental grass and elephant which is the symbolic pattern of Thailand. Wooden block will be soaked in candle and stamped onto the cloth, then indigo-dyed, and boiled later to remove candle. Finished cloth will be designed to create nice shawl and apparel. This is the contemporary product for daily lives and charming souvenirs: Phrae Province.  
Size : W 114 cm x L 174 cm
Weight : 235 g

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