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Mug with Plain Sino-Portuguese Cover

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Sor. Langsuan Benjarong Porcelain   Benjarong porcelain is considered top-class craftsmanship that represents Thailand’s identity which is available in all regions. “Sor. Langsuan Benjarong” is one of producers in Langsuan District, Chumphon Province that created Benjarong porcelain with golden lines in 2004. Its unique designs include Bu-Nga Pate, Bu-Nga Sari, and Sino-Portuguese in which the latter is inspired by Chino-Portuguese art readily available in tile walls of southern architectures. Distinctive charm is portrayed by painting designs on Benjarong glass set and one-color drawing technique to demonstrate fine movements of fortune animals such as elephant and cat. These are the contemporary Thai design for creating souvenir and home accessories: Chumphon Province.    
Size : H 10.5 cm x 8 cm Diam.  
Weight : 362 g    

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