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Crispy Broccoli Set, Mixed Flavors (9 pack)

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‘Pritip’ vegetable snack for healthy lives   Despite nutritional benefits, green vegetables are not always favorite choices. Sanamchan Community Enterprise, therefore, uses innovative food processing that applies vacuum drying technology to create ‘Pritip’, vegetable snack. This product is full of nutrition from vegetable and yummy taste that customers can enjoy, even those who don’t like vegetables. Product range includes 3 flavors of crispy roselle which are Laab, seaweed, and natural flavors that contain a lot of fiber for detox, or 3 flavors of crispy broccoli with natural, wasabi, and seaweed flavors. These healthy snacks are among 5-star OTOP products of Nakhon Pathom: Nakhon Pathom Province.  
Size : W 15 cm x H 22 cm x D 6 cm
Weight : 30 g (1 pack)

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