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Elephant-head handle mug

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The high-class crafts made by the specialized artisan of Benjarong from "Jirawan Benjarong," Nakhon Pathom province creates a beautiful work like this luxury Benjarong Mug with Elephant Handle painted in elephant and jasmine pattern with high percent gold water according to the Benjarong painting colors of white, yellow, black, red and green. The mug is outstanding with an elephant figure handle. The lid and saucer have a matching design. This set of Benjarong ware is shiny and can handle hot content. Good to be a gift or souvenir on various occasions.
Saucer Height: 1.5 cm Diameter: 10.5 cm Approx. Weight: 100 g
Mug Dimensions: 8 x 13 cm Approx. Weight: 357 g

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